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ASPI TRACK is a module to suck the waste. This vacuum cleaner must be connected to the TRACK.

ASPI TRACK sucks all kinds of wastes : papers, cigarette butts, leaves, cans, bottles, dog excrements, chips etc
Wherever the use of the brush becomes impossible and ineffective, ASPI TRACK makes the work easier.
It is the right choice for the cleanliness of the cities and industries and on every types of grounds.

• Electric motor
• Width = 70 cm
• Container = 120 l
• Labour = 1 cleanliness agent

Electric self-propelled trolley - Multi-tools. Can push, tow, carry heavy loads without any effort.

• Well dimensioned and ergonomic
• Low sound level
• Battery 24V
• High autonomy : until 16 hours
• Speed (forward mode) : 0 to 6 km/h
• Time counter and level battery indicator
• Adjustable steering head with wings - Suitable for left or right handed users
• Anti-crushing system on the steering head - “Deadman’s security device”
• Automatic and electromagnetic parking brake
• Bent coupling ball 3500 Kg
• Electrical wiring for tools modules
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TRACK trolley :
Switch from one device to another one
in less than 3 minutes
and without tools.

Green Aspi Track 100% electric


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