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BRUSH NET - Electric weeder, pushed by brush

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BRUSH NET is a lightweight machine of reduced size that offers to agent ease of weeding historic centers, pedestrian areas, streets, sidewalks, parks, squares, parks, cemeteries, etc.

Use :
This system is used for waterproof surfaces : coated, cemented, concrete, disabled, cobbled, paved etc.

Different brushes can be proposed.

• 100% electric
•  0% de CO²
•  Efficient, preventive or curative weeding
•  Easy to use
•  Very low noise level
•  Overturned steel to withstand impacts
•  Side flank positioned right and left
•  Left and right orientation of the brush
•  Small footprint
•  Height adjustment by gauge wheel
•  Can be carried in small utilities
•  Compact 55 cm wide

Green 100% electric


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