French manufacturer of street cleaning machines, MP Environnement offers a wide range of products suitable for city and industry cleaning, wherever the use of the brush becomes impossible and ineffective :

- Vacuum cleaners VORAX and ASPI TRACK
- Mini thermal vacuum cleaner PIKTOU'NET
- Electric propelled BROOM TRACK
- Leaves vacuum / Leaves dumper
- Electric TRACK
- Alternative weeders
- Steam cleaners desinfection

Historical :

1978 - Creation of the company MP.
1987 - MP specializes in street cleaning equipments.
1990 - MP develops several leaves vacuum cleaners.
1992 - MP creates PIKTOU, the first urban waste vacuum cleaner PIKTOU.
1994 - Commercialisation of leaves blowers equipped with hydrostatic motion.
1996 - MP creates BUL'NET, the first compact road sweeper.
1998 - Launching of suction sets assembled on small carriers.
2002 - MP is awarded in ARTINOV competition for the Piktou Electric.
2006 - MP develops a vacuum waste carrier QUAD
2008 - MP makes DOGGY'NET, a vacuum cleaner for dog excrement.
2010 - Integration of a watering and spraying kit for PIKTOU models.
2011 - The company MP Production is taken over by MP Environnement.

2012 - MP dévelops VORAX 240, a more efficient vacuum cleaner for urban waste.
2013 - Launch of VORAX 140 Compact and VORAX 340 Self-supported.
2014 - Launching products "ALL ELECTRIC" propelled by electric TRACK
          - Vacuum cleaner ASPI TRACK
          - Electric propelled broom BROOM TRACK
          - Steam weeder STEAM TRACK
          - Brush weeder BRUSH TRACK
2015 - Launching PURGO electric road trolley.
          - Launching BRUSH NET electric weeder pushed by brush.


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