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STEAM TRACK is a module for electrical weeding, cleaning with steam, to be connected to the TRACK.

From a temperature above 70 °C and for more than one second, the plant cells burst and cannot withstand the thermal shock.

Compact, The STEAM TRACK can go into a commercial vehicle. It is completely autonomous, it works with battery and diesel.

Multi-purpose :
• To clean : Chewing gums, graffiti, containers, bus shelters, road signs, tanks
• To disinfect
• To thaw pipes, etc.

• Works with diesel. Dry or wet steam
• Steam outlet temperature is adjustable : between 90 and 120 °C
• 2 steam outlets (2 operators can work at the same time).

Electric self-propelled trolley - Multi-tools. Can push, tow, carry heavy loads without any effort.

• Well dimensioned and ergonomic
• Low sound level
• Battery 24V
• High autonomy : until 16 hours
• Speed (forward mode) : 0 to 6 km/h
• Time counter and level battery indicator
• Adjustable steering head with wings - Suitable for left or right handed users
• Anti-crushing system on the steering head - “Deadman’s security device”
• Automatic and electromagnetic parking brake
• Bent coupling ball 3500 Kg
• Electrical wiring for tools modules
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TRACK trolley :
Switch from one device to another one
in less than 3 minutes
and without tools.

Green Doc Steam track 100% electric


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