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The leaves vacuum cleaner VENT PIRE can instantly be adapted to any vehicle equipped with rear doors or slatted sides.

Thanks to its adjustable arm, assembly is carried out in only a few minutes on any vehicle such as :
• lorries
• vans
• tri vespa
• road or agricultural trailers.

With its trailer kit, you can quickly transform your suction set «vent pire» in a towed version.
Drawbar adjustable in height to allow an easy coupling on any vehicle.

Specifications :
• Engine: Honda, 11 or 13 CV, 4 strokes
• Lack of oil security system acting on engine
• Starting by re-coil starter or electric starting (option)
• Transmission of turbine engine by pulley and belts (2)
• Centrifugal clutch on VENT PIRE and VENT PIRE SUPER PRO models to start equipment up without driving    turbine
• Reinforced turbine bearing
• Bearing: double row of balls on turbine side
• Fast opening door to clean turbine
• Double tubular chassis assembled on silent blocs ( VPSP) to avoid vibrations
• Slatted sides fastening with mounting screw
• Suction pipe with handle and wear nozzle
• Suction hose, 200 mm diameter, polyurethane, extra flexible
• Arm to support hose
• Ejection bend, square section for a better outlet
• Adjustable deflector situated at end of bend


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