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VORAX vacuum cleaners perfectly meet to operatours expectations.

While increasing efficiency, VORAX value the maintenance staff and is environmentally friendly.
Ended difficult and unhygienic tasks.

Aimed at maintaining pavements, gutters, as well as small and medium surfaces, they enable to suction any type of waste: leaves, papers, cigarette butts, cans, bottles, dog excrements, etc.

Container 240 liters

• The self-propelled mode allows you to quickly access your work area
• The self-propelled mode allows you to work in traffic areas
   (pedestrian streets, market places, etc.)
• Cleaning of small areas is made easier - Width 70 cm
• Provides operator comfort and easy handling.

Container 240 liters
Autonomy 8h to 12h
Aspiration booster
Filtration F9

Green Doc Vorax 100% electric


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